Create a unique connection with your guests, regardless of their location, by employing online invitations designed with a special and unique touch. These invitations not only assure you time efficiency between sending and receiving RSVPs but also provide the added benefit of allowing you to concentrate on the intricate preparations for your event. Elevate your gathering with the charm of a one-of-a-kind design, making every interaction with your guests a memorable experience.


  • Same Features of type A
  • Op1: Have a single photo to be displayed Op2: Have a slider of multiple images with parallax effect
  • Separatore Op1: The separator can be of transparent background and in this case when users scroll, they will view the slider images with a parallax effect set in the background of the card. Op2: The Separator can have an image (a card can implement both options.) The timing can be implemented as a schedule· Auto Swipe (Auto swipe can be enabled so that the card will automatically swipe after a number of seconds that is set by the admin)
  • The timing can be implemented as a schedule
  • Active link for 1 year


https://invite.evntie.com/606/demo1 https://invite.evntie.com/607/demo2 https://invite.evntie.com/609/demo3


7 to 9 working days